Many people find great comfort in providing a tribute to their pet by having a memorial. At Dunham Lawn, there are many different bespoke memorial options for you at an additional cost.

Memorial Wall

Located within the peaceful grounds, our Pet Memorial Wall depicts many animals within its metal stencilled design. Personalised plaques with personal inscriptions can be attached to the Wall to commemorate your beloved pet.

Our plaques come in a range of different shapes, colours, and sizes – if you would like a bespoke shape, we are happy to speak to make enquiries about this possibility for you.

A plaque can be placed on the wall under a five-year renewable lease (with a second, identical plaque provided for you to keep) for £120.00. Alternatively, two plaques can be ordered for you to take home for £55.00.

Urns, Caskets, & Keepsakes

Black & silver heart keepsake urn

Black Silver Heart Keepsake Urn

Paw print wooden ashes casket

Paw Print Wooden Ashes Casket

Pewter & silver paw print urn

Pewter Silver Paw Print Urn

Pewter & silver round pet urn

Pewter Silver Round Pet Urn

Quote photo frame casket

Quote Photo Frame Casket

Silver & gold heart keepsake urn

Silver Gold Heart Keepsake Urn

Silver & gold paw print urn

Silver and Gold paw print urn

Silver & gold round pet urn

Silver Gold Round Pet Urn

Wooden heart keepsake

Wooden Heart Keepsake

Pet Bios Urn

Pet Bios Urn

Large Limbo Urn - Geos, Samsara, Nu and Olea

Large Limbo Urn

Small Limbo Urn - Geos, Samsara and Nu

Small Limbo Urn

A full selection of urns and caskets are available in brochure form upon request.